Chapter Registration Information

Packet 1 – Due January 28

Packet 1 is to be submitted in FSL Chapter Registration and Training Fall 2021 under the assignments tab. Packet 1 includes: 

  • Chapter Emergency / Crisis Plan
  • Fraternity / Sorority Non-Hazing Compliance
  • New Member Education Intent Form
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Roster Edit 1 – Greek Roll
    • Greek Roll is a roster management system for Greek organizations. Please complete the Roster Edit 1 audit on Greek Roll. For additional information on how to complete the audit, please see the instructions in the WebCourse.
    • Additionally, chapters should update their roster throughout the semester within 48 hours of a change to their roster (new members start process, member disaffiliates, etc.).
  • RSO Update Form
    • An organization is required to Re-register within 10 days of elections or any other leadership change (including advisors)
    • Failure to re-register within a year from the last re-registration will result in an organization being removed to “inactive” status
    • To re-register, find your organization on this Knight Connect page (Links to an external site.)
      1. Click the blue “Re-Register” button next to your organization’s name
      2. Be sure that the person who re-registers the organization will be the new primary contact

Packet 2 – Due April 22

Packet 2 is to be submitted in FSL Chapter Registration and Training Spring 2021 under the assignments tab. Packet 2 includes: 

  • Roster Edit 2 – Greek Roll
    • This audit is used to download grade reports for the current term, so please do not update “New Members” to “Members” or “Members” to “Graduated” until Packet 1 of next semester. If you have already made updates, you can reassign your members’ statuses. This is to make sure everyone is accurately recorded in the grade report, if you have questions please reach out. Below are the instructions on how to access and update GreekRoll.
      1. Using Google Chrome, launch an incognito window and go to
      2. Log in using your chapter’s email account and password, however, omit the
      3. Click “View Audits”.
      4. Read the directions and click “Start Audit”.
      5. You will then need to go to your roster, make any appropriate updates, and once they’re complete, go back to your audit and click “Complete”.
        • Your roster will not update unless you click “Complete”
  • Community Service & Philanthropy Semester Report
    • This document is to track the impact our community has on the greater Orlando area. Upload the attached Excel document “BLANK Community Service Semester Report” into Webcourses as an .xlsx file. Please be aware that there are 3 tabs at the bottom.
      • Tab 1 Philanthropy: Money and or philanthropy dollars raised towards a specific charity event.
      • Tab 2 Group Service Hours:  Community Service hours performed as an organizational group.
      • Tab 3 Individual Service Hours: Community Service hours performed on an individual basis.
  • Officer Contact Form
    • This form is to be filled out at the end of each semester for the following semester.  This form should be filled out regardless if your organization has changed leadership or not.

Standards of Excellence

  • Standards of Excellence
    • Each fall, chapters are required to submit the Chapter of Excellence application.  Please go to the Standards of Excellence page for additional information.