The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life will cultivate a safe, inclusive, and meaningful fraternal experience through intentional education, advising, advocacy, and collaboration that leads to wellbeing, student success, values-based decision making, and the holistic development of UCF students, chapters, and councils.

Vision Statement

As members of a preeminent fraternity and sorority experience, every UCF fraternity and sorority member will commit to life-long learning, personal development, exemplifying the highest levels of integrity, ethical leadership, global citizenship, and serving as a catalyst for positive change.



Values are the foundation of fraternity and sorority life and OFSL staff will work to instill and hold fraternities and sororities at UCF accountable to their values as well as the UCF Creed. OFSL staff will also commit to exemplifying values-based and ethical action, being reliable and communicative, providing transparency, and leading authentically.


OFSL staff will intentionally create a welcoming environment where individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equitable access to opportunities and resources, feel advocated for, and can contribute fully to the department and community’s success.


OFSL staff commits to an educational approach as the foundation of OFSL strategies, with the goal of increasing and creating knowledge, action, access, skills, and commitment to values for those OFSL staff serve. Additionally, OFSL staff will dedicate time to staying informed, participating in professional development, and staying engaged professionally.


OFSL staff approach to student success and holistic development will help students, chapters, councils, and stakeholders feel more confident, advocated for, included, and inspired to act and create positive change.


OFSL staff interactions will demonstrate concern, kindness, and support. To do this, OFSL staff will be mindful, focus on well-being, and provide excellent service.


The work of this office cannot be done in a silo and as a result, OFSL staff will deliberately engage students and an array of stakeholders in decision making, creating initiatives, and goal attainment.


OFSL staff will purposefully create, develop, and implement creative programs, initiatives, and services that result in the holistic development of students, chapters, councils, and the stakeholders who support them. OFSL staff work will be well-informed, rooted in best practices, and geared toward solutions that create a healthy environment.