Chapter Statuses

Good Standing 


Organization Council Organization Council
Alpha Delta Pi PAN Lambda Theta Phi IFC
Alpha Epsilon Phi PAN Mu Sigma Upsilon DGC
Alpha Phi Alpha NPHC Omega Psi Phi NPHC
Chi Omega PAN Phi Beta Sigma NPHC
Chi Upsilon Sigma DGC Phi Delta Theta IFC
Delta Delta Delta PAN Phi Gamma Delta IFC
Delta Epsilon Psi DGC Pi Beta Phi PAN
Delta Lambda Phi IFC Pi Delta Psi DGC
Delta Phi Lambda DGC Pi Kappa Phi IFC
Delta Sigma Theta NPHC Sigma Alpha Epsilon IFC
Delta Upsilon IFC Sigma Chi IFC
Delta Zeta PAN Sigma Gamma Rho NPHC
Gamma Phi Beta PAN Sigma Lambda Beta DGC
Kappa Alpha Psi NPHC Sigma Lambda Gamma DGC
Kappa Delta PAN Sigma Nu IFC
Kappa Kappa Gamma PAN Theta Chi IFC
Kappa Sigma IFC Zeta Beta Tau IFC
Lambda Sigma Upsilon DGC Zeta Phi Beta NPHC
Zeta Tau Alpha PAN


Pending Completion of Sanctions/Probation/Suspension

Organization Council Status
Alpha Epsilon Pi IFC Probation thru FA 2018
Alpha Xi Delta PAN Probation thru FA 2018
Alpha Kappa Alpha NPHC Suspension thru FA 2020
Lambda Theta Alpha DGC Suspension thru SU 2020
Sigma Pi IFC Suspension thru SP 2019
Tau Kappa Epsilon IFC Deferred Suspension thru SP 2019


Under Conduct Review


Organization Council Status
Alpha Epsilon Pi IFC Interim Suspension
Alpha Tau Omega IFC Interim Suspension
Delta Phi Omega DGC Interim Suspension
Delta Sigma Phi IFC Interim Suspension
Kappa Alpha Theta PAN Interim Suspension


Unrecognized Groups

PLEASE NOTE: The organizations listed below are not currently recognized by the University or their National Organization. They should not be recruiting on campus and are no longer under the supervision of the University.

Organization Nickname Also Know As Date Removed
Beta Theta Pi Beta April 2018, National office revoked charter
Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Gazoni Family January 2015, National office revoked charter


Understanding Chapter Statuses


Good Standing

The organization is current with Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Office of Student Involvement requirements, is not under review by the Office of Student Conduct, and has no pending sanctions for completion.

Pending Completion of Sanctions/Probation/Suspension

Pending Completion of Sanctions: The organization has not yet completed their educational sanctions, probation, and/or suspension.

Educational Sanctions:  In conjunction with any sanction listed below, a registered student organization found to have been in violation of any of the Organizational Rules of Conduct will be assigned educational sanctions that are proportional to the violation such as, but not limited to: reflective/research papers, classes/seminars, community service, restitution, interviews, etc. If a registered student organization has any outstanding educational sanctions at the conclusion of organizational probation or organizational suspension, the organizational probation or organizational suspension will remain in effect pending completion of the educational sanctions.

Probation: A period of time during which any further violation of the Organizational Rules of Conduct puts the registered student organization’s status with the University in jeopardy. Restrictive conditions may also be imposed as part of disciplinary probation and will vary according to the severity of the offense. Restrictive conditions may include barring or limiting some or all of the organization’s activities and/or privileges (including, but not limited to: social activities; intramural competition; organizational competition; Homecoming; eligibility to receive any University award or honorary recognition; privilege to occupy a position of leadership or responsibility in any University registered student organization governing body, publication, or activity; or ability to represent the University in an official capacity or position). If a registered student organization is found “in violation” for another violation of the Organizational Rules of Conduct while on organizational probation, more severe sanctions may be imposed.

Deferred Suspension: Organizational deferred suspension is used for offenses found serious enough to warrant organizational suspension, but where the specific circumstances of the case mitigate the offense or for repeated offenses of a less serious nature. Organizational deferred suspension is a designated period of time during which a registered student organization is given the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to abide by the community’s expectations of behavior articulated in the Organizational Rules of Conduct.  For more, please see The Golden Rule.

Suspension: While on organizational suspension, the registered student organization loses it University recognition and/or registration for a temporary period of time. While an organization is suspended, it may not use University resources or participate as an organization in any University activities or events.

Under Conduct Review

Under Review: The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) has received a report of an alleged violation of the UCF Rules of Conduct.  OSC is in the process of reviewing the alleged incident through the Organization Conduct Review Process. For more, please see The Golden Rule

Interim Suspension: Where deemed necessary to protect the safety and well-being of others, of the university, or of property, the
Director of the OSC or designee, upon notifying the VP of SDES or designee, may take immediate action to resolve the situation by placing the registered student organization on interim suspension. Interim organizational suspension is not a sanction. Interim organization suspension is preliminary in nature; it is in effect only until there is a resolution of the student conduct matter.


Unrecognized Groups

Unrecognized Groups are groups that have had their UCF Registration revoked, a permanent severance of the organization’s relationship with UCF.

*Information regarding chapter statuses is from or adapted from the UCF Golden Rule Student Handbook.

Community Scorecards

Spring 2018 Scorecard