Diversified Greek Council

DGC prides itself in having a distinct type of recruitment process. We believe that because this is a lifetime commitment one needs ample time to choose the organization that would best suit them. This not only allows the organization a chance to get to know their potential members inside and out but also allows the potential members to get to know the organization’s membership.

Meet The Greeks – Although the Diversified Greek Council does not have a formal recruitment period such as Rush, DGC does host an informational event that allows interested students to meet with the organizations that are a part of the council, as well as other invited organizations. This event is called “Meet The Greeks”, and is held in both the Fall and Spring semesters. The event serves as an opportunity for students to witness some of the traditions of our organizations like stepping, strolling, and saluting as well as learn some facts about each organization on the council. While at the event each student will also have a chance to meet a large assortment of DGC members so that they can get a feel for which organization they feel they would best fit into.