Event Planning (COVID-19)

Updated 2/11/2021


Event Registration PowerPoint

Prerequisites for Hosting In-Person Events

RSO COVID-19 Safety Plan

First, each organization will be required to submit an RSO COVID-19 Safety Plan. This form will request information regarding events, recruitment, and meetings as it relates to the Fall semester. This form is required if you would like to host in-person events this semester and can be found on KnightConnect. This is a one-time form for each RSO.

COVID-19 Program Planning Webcourse

Secondly, all RSO authorized officers will be required to sign-up for the COVID-19 Program Planning Webcourse. This course will contain important information regarding programming in the current academic year. This course will have information related to setting up events and RSVPs, university updates and information related to COVID-19, and a variety of other helpful information and resources. This course will be required for all organizations prior to being able reserve room or spaces and host events on campus. Your authorized officers can self-enroll here.

Hosting In-Person Events

What forms do I need?

When planning an event for your organization, it’s important to start by answering a few short questions to know what forms/requirements will be needed to host your event within the event guidelines established by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

  1. Does your event date conflict with any events on the OFSL Semester Calendar? – If yes, pick a new date/time that works; your event may not conflict with OFSL programming.
  2. Is your organization planning any type of event? – If yes, SERF Form
  3. Is your event on-campus AND have more than 50 attendees? – If yes, SAFE Form
  4. Is your event off-campus? – If yes, Supplemental SERF – COVID-19
  5. Is your event in-person? – If yes, RSVP

After determining what forms you might need for your event, please read the policies and procedures surrounding each of the forms.

Submission Requirements

Due to COVID-19 and the current guidelines, policies, and procedures at the university, all registered student organizations MUST have their events approved prior to hosting them. All events must be no more than 50 people, unless in an “entertainment venue” as outlined in the EMERGENCY POLICY Event Planning and COVID-19 Considerations. You may also want to review the FSL COVID-19 Guidelines here.


SERF Forms, or Social Event Registration Forms, must be submitted no less than 10 days in advance for events without alcohol (dry). No events with alcohol are permitted at this time.

If late SERFs are submitted, but it is up to the discretion of the organization’s FSL Chapter Coach whether it will be approved. If it is, an escalating late fee will be assessed as follows:

  • First Offense – $50,
  • Second Offense – $100,
  • Third Offense $150, and
  • More than three offenses will result in cancellation of the event.


SAFE Forms, or Safety Action For Event, must be submitted online no less than 15 days prior to the on-campus event. There are no exceptions to this deadline. SAFE Forms are required for on campus events with an estimated attendance of 51-100 people. They are also required for events with food and beverage, regardless of planned size of the event. For more SAFE Form policies and guidelines, please click here.

Supplemental SERF – COVID-19

The Supplemental SERF is designed to build an organization’s risk management plan for off-campus events. Supplemental SERFs are required for all off-campus events.


For each event submission, an RSVP will be required through KnightConnect. In the RSVPs, each event will be required to have the three questions and acknowledgements: the assumption of risk, face covering requirement, and social distancing policy. For more information about how to set up an RSVP in KnightConnect, you may complete OSI’s COVID-19 Program Planning Webcourse, FSL’s Event Training in WebCourses, and/or review FSL’s How to Set Up a KnightConnect RSVP guide.

Greek Council Calendar

Add you event to the Greek Council Calendar with this form.