Member Resources

Chapter Registration Information

All the information and documents required for chapters to remain in good standing with the University.

Event Planning

All information required when planning events for your organization.

New Member Resources

Resources and policies for recruitment and new member education.

Guides and Policies

Information regarding FSL's Guides and Policies, including the Way Forward, FSL Policy Manual, and the Golden Rule Student Handbook.


Fraternity & Sorority Life calendar of programs.

Standards of Excellence

Information about of Standards of Excellence (SOE) and it's components.

Additional Resources

Additional FSL resources including grade reports, advisor resources, press release requests and more.

Virtual Chapter Management

Resources for virtual chapter management.

Reserve the Multi-purpose Room

Click here to reserve the Multi-purpose room in the Fraternity and Sorority Life building,

Marketing Resources

Learn how OFSL can help market your event.

Coming Soon

More chapter resources coming soon.

Coming Soon

More chapter resources coming soon.