New Member Resources

Purpose of New Member Education

The New Member Education Program is designed to teach the fundamentals of being an effective member of your fraternity or sorority, so that the chapter can enjoy the future leadership of these
young members. The objectives of an effective New Member Education Program are:

  1. To assist and develop members to be outstanding men and women, not just fraternity men and sorority women.
  2. To develop members intellectually, spiritually, and socially/morally
  3. To familiarize new members with your fraternity or sorority – the organization and the people
  4. To demonstrate friendship and provide a conduit to build strong, lasting friendships
  5. To prepare new members to uphold the standards and ideals of your fraternity or sorority, and strive to continually improve it

Requirements to Participate in New Member Education

FSL Requirements

    1. New Member Plan: The New Member Plan is a required FSL form. It’s due on the second Monday of the semester OR five days prior to beginning you new member process (whichever is sooner).
      • The form is due every semester from every chapter, regardless of if you are taking new members in or not.
      • This form can be found here.
    2. New Member Education Meeting: The new member educator and the chapter president must meet with their FSL advisor (chapter coach) at least 5 days prior to the beginning of the new member process. In this meeting, they will review the chapter’s full new member plan in detail and will offer feedback, as needed.
      • Safety measures for new member education will be discussed at this time.
      • The FSL advisor will follow up with the chapter after this meeting to let you know if the plan has been approved or if any adjustments have to be made.
      • At the mid-point of the new member education program, a check-in meeting will take place with the FSL advisor (chapter coach) to assess the progress of the program and discuss any potential changes based on the current safety phase.
    3. Greek Roll: Chapters must ensure new members have been added to their Greek Roll roster. If they have not, work with the chapter president to get them added ASAP.
      • All roster changes (new members, member dropping, etc.) that occur within the chapter should be made within 48 hours on Greek Roll.

Inter/National Organization Requirements

It’s important to be aware of all the requirements your inter/national organization has for you prior to beginning, as well. These things might include:

    • Trainings you and your officers need to complete
    • Specific programs you have to include in your new member program
    • Approval for rituals and initiation

*Please note that if your inter/national organization has stricter rules or policies than UCF, you must follow those. It’s a good general rule that if there are ever conflicting policies, you should follow the more conservative rules.

New Member Education Policies

General New Member Education Policies
In order for a chapter to take in new members, all new member paperwork must be complete; risk prevention programming must be complete; and the Greek Roll roster must reflect they are new members EACH CHAPTER IS REQUIRED TO HAVE NO LESS THAN 12 ACTIVE MEMBERS IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED A REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATION. (Please refer to OSI policies)

  • All new member education meeting dates, times, and locations must be denoted in the New Member Plan.
  • New member processes are restricted to 7 weeks unless approved by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. National Offices may be contacted before approval is made.
  • New membership process will be permitted to take place during the fall and spring semester only. Exceptions must be made by the Director and be given in written form for extreme reasons only.
  • New member education meetings should occur between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm.
  • All ritual ceremonies should have a chapter advisor present.
  • Programs developed specifically for new members must not include any alcohol, or any drugs.

Overnight Events/Retreats

  • All overnight events or retreats must be acknowledged, in-writing, by the inter/national organization.
  • These events require a full-risk management plan, in addition to other applicable event registration requirements.

New Member Presentation Guidelines

All organizations must adhere to the following guidelines when presenting new members to the campus community:

Presentation of new members must take place no more than 15 calendar days after the members have been initiated into the organization, and/or prior to “Study Day(s)”, whichever comes first, unless approved in writing by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Guidelines for those who host New Member Presentations or “Shows”

  • The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life must be notified of the date, time, and location of the “show” no less than 15 business days prior to the date of the New Member Presentation. SAFE Forms are required for all on campus New Member Presentations.
  • New Member Presentations are not to be scheduled on the same time as another New Member Presentation or an OFSL scheduled program.
  • No explicit or revealing attire is to be worn by the new members or other “show” participants.
  • No excessive use of profanity or sexually suggestive language. This is to include music and chants.
  • No alcoholic beverages or drugs will be permitted. This includes by visiting chapters, alumni, and/or graduate members.
  • No physical abuse will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: slapping, kicking, spitting, punching, pushing, poking, caning, etc. Items such as canes, staffs, and sticks may be used as a part of the performance but may not be used as a weapon to harm another individual. If not used as part of the show, items should not be present.
  • The following items are not permitted unless approved by the office: Bats, bricks, chains, paddles. Please consult with OFSL for all other paraphernalia that is being considered.
  • In the event of an altercation during the presentation, those fighting will be disciplined immediately. If a member of the presenting organization is involved, the presentation show will be stopped immediately. (See Violations section for further details)
  • No references to hazing and/or other illegal activities, this includes but is not limited to suggestive themes and items such as non-decorative paddles.
  • Disruptions by other attending organizations will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: walking through the presenters’ show, talking over the presenting organization, etc.
  • If a new member decides that they cannot, or decides not to participate in the show, a written and signed letter by the new member must be submitted to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life no less than 72 hours before the show explaining why they cannot or have decided not to participate. If less than 72 hours contact office advisor immediately for acknowledgement.
  • The New Member Presentation MUST start within 30 minutes of scheduled time advertised. Advertised time should be reflective of the same time noted on the SAFE and SERF forms. Following the show, members of the presenting organization must vacate the area within 30 minutes (this will assist with crowd disbursement). The organization will be responsible for ensuring the site used is left in its original state after use. (Rollcall is not considered the start of show)
  • It is the chapter responsibility to notify visiting and alumni members of all UCF New Member Presentation rules. (Golden Rule)
  • If a New Member Presentation does not occur, new members must be presented in some formal way (reception, tweet, email, flyer, Instagram, etc.), acknowledging all new members.

Violations of guidelines can result in consequences including fines, cancellation of show, probation, and/or suspension.